• Bovie Colpo-Master I Colposcope

    Bovie Colpo-Master I Colposcope

    OVERVIEW Colpo-Master I features smooth, continuous zoom 4 – 27x magnification with 20x eyepieces and sharp focus for 3-D imaging. The units are available with Binocular or the EMR compatible and camera-ready Trinocular heads with 298mm working...
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  • Bovie Colpo-Master II Colposcope

    Bovie Colpo-Master II Colposcope

    OVERVIEW HEAD: Full continuous zoom magnification range: 4 – 27x with 20x eyepieces. Binocular or video-ready Trinocular heads, with 298mm working distance. The field of view (FOV) ranges from 58.5mm at 4x to 8.5mm at 27x. 3-D Stereoscopic Viewing...
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